Shoulder Pain Photo
“The biggest life change from massage I've ever seen came when I recommended my good friend to Adam.

She had been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder, and the doctors had started using the word “surgery” to help her condition. It had gotten to the point where her husband had to brush her hair and help her get dressed. Her shoulder had no movement.

Adam was patient and listened to her, and he took extra time to use his knowledge as both a physical therapist and masseuse, incorporating both skills to try to bring relief. When she was getting ready to leave, her blonde hair slipped in front of her shoulder, and, without even thinking, she naturally and effortlessly reached up and brushed it away ... something that had been impossible for months.

Adam said the surprise on her face when she realized what she could now do was amazing. She didn’t need surgery and has been great for more than two years.

When you see Adam, you are getting the knowledge and skills of a physical therapist AND a masseuse - and avoiding surgery ... priceless.”

– Jessica

Orthopedic health is important to your well-being. Whether recovering from an injury or regaining full motion after surgery, we can help. We may even be able to help you avoid surgery completely.