What is Reflexive Performance Reset?

Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR®) is a system of breathing and neurological drills that empower athletes to make instant improvements in performance. It's beneficial for all athletes... runners, cyclers... anyone who works out!

How it works:

You are under constant stress, which pushes your body into a survival state in which your body uses compensation patterns that limit performance and can lead to injury.

Using RPR’s simple system of breathing and tactile input, you can reset your body out of survival and into performance. Your body has two priorities: to breathe and to move. To perform at our best, we need to do both properly. In a world of constant stress, our bodies find a way to meet those priorities by creating harmful compensation patterns. These compensation patterns are the main cause of non-contact injuries in sport as well as everyday aches and pains that limit performance.

Using the RPR® wake-up drills™, you can shift your own body out of these patterns and reduce pain, increase flexibility and help your body become more resilient to injury. The wake-up drills™ use special reflex points that reset your body out of these harmful compensation patterns. What makes RPR® so unique is that you don't need a PhD in anatomy to use them. Athletes do the wake-up drills™ themselves and take control of their own health and performance. 

RPR® is sophisticated enough to explain almost every non-contact injury you have ever seen and help prevent them from happening again. At the same time, it’s simple enough that a ten-year-old can use it. 


– CAL DIETZ, Founder of RPR®

RPR® and Goodrich Myotherapy

Adam Goodrich is certified in RPR®. He runs classes at Anytime Fitness and can run custom presentations and classes for teams. Call us today to see how RPR® can help you achieve the performance goals you desire!

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