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Certified FMT Rock Doc
Certified IASTM Provider
Certified Cupping Therapy Provider


I’m 12 years old sitting in the doctor’s office with my mom and dad as we waited for the doctor to come and tell us what they saw on my CAT scan.

Maybe we’ll find out why I’ve had a headache for a month. When the doctor arrived she asked my parents to join her in the hall outside of the room I was in. As I sat on the exam table listening to her talking to my parents my brain suddenly stops processing what is being said. I’m stuck on the last thing I heard her say. “You might want to think about making funeral arrangements.” Funeral arrangements? FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS? Mom comes into the room crying and hugs me and that moment it hit me. I’m going to die. I will never accomplish anything significant in my life. I will be remembered only as a good kid who didn’t get into trouble. Then eventually forgotten by most except my family. Poof. Gone. 

Luckily after a second opinion and 15 months of chemo therapy and steroids I went into remission and 10 years later I was considered completely cured. As a result of this experience I knew I wanted to help people by working in the health field.I ultimately decided on massage therapy after being told multiple times by family and others that I was really good at it.  
In 2007 I graduated from Mercy College of Ohio with an Associate’s Degree inTherapeutic Massage. I worked in massage therapy for four years including a year in a physical therapy department. My experience there led me enroll in Marion Technical College’s Physical Therapy Assistant Program. In 2013 I graduated with another Associate’s Degree as a PTA. A few months later I was hired at Wyandot Memorial Hospital in Upper Sandusky. The following 4 years I worked as a PTA at WMH the last two of which I was the director of the massage therapy department that I developed with the help of the leadership at the hospital. In April 2018 I left the hospital to return to massage therapy full time as it is my passion. Over the past three years I have furthered my education by becoming certified in kinesio taping, IASTM, cupping and most special to me after 3 years of study and workshops I have earned my certification as a Master Myoskeletal Therapist in October 2018. 

I now know I will be remembered. I will be remembered as a great husband and father.I will also be remembered as a massage therapist who had a hunger for knowledge and always strived to improve his skills so he could help his clients to the best of his ability.  

This is why I do what I do.

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Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals

ABMP is the country's largest association of professional massage therapists and bodyworkers with over 80,000 licensed members in all 50 states.

In addition to protecting its members with liability insurance, all massage and bodywork professionals benefit from its efforts to ensure high standards for the profession and to further promote the benefits of massage.

Mercy College of Ohio, a Catholic institution with a focus on healthcare, educates and inspires students to lead and serve in the global community.

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Rock Tape is a brand of kinesiology tape that is applied to client's skin to maximize athletic performance, aide in recovery from muscle soreness caused by physical activity, and can also reduce edema/swelling after injury.

The therapist assesses which application is needed and applies the tape in the appropriate pattern and application to maximize function.

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